Student Testimonials

I've been practicing T'ai Chi Ch'uan for almost eight years. The instructors are friendly, human, wise, and patient. I now walk, sit, eat, drink, breathe, run, and stand differently. Relaxation is now the core of my body. I have a sense of balance that I never knew before. My view of nature itself is richer, more connected, and more joyous. I feel in touch with pure existence and being. And I shall never lose beginner's mind.

Paul, age 46

T'ai Chi has improved my health and balanced my emotions. I feel very relaxed when I experience Chi flowing through my body. Overall, I'm more relaxed and have less pain in my knees.

Della, age 53

Four years after a stroke, I found that T'ai Chi improved my balance significantly. I also had a ruptured Achilles tendon that had resulted in constant pain. This ankle pain has been significantly reduced. It also helps restore my mood during occasional 'blue' periods. I feel that the teaching is quite effective and the atmosphere of the class is very pleasant.

Ernest, age 72

Practicing T'ai Chi has been an invaluable tool for managing stress in my life. I find that I am more emotionally centered and do not overreact to the stress of daily life as I once did. Additionally, my ability to focus has improved immensely. I feel that I can focus more intensely and for a longer period of time since practicing T'ai Chi Ch'uan. Physically, my flexibility and leg strength have increased. In addition, I no longer suffer from insomnia and the former pain in my left shoulder is gone.

Eric, age 36